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National Home Security Month: Simple tricks to step up your home security

Is your home burglar-proof? In the spirit of National Home Security Month, here at 24|7 Home Rescue we’ve put together some really easy tips to upgrade your security and keep the thieves out!

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43% of households do not meet the new ‘Living Home Standard’

A new report by housing charity Shelter reveals that more than 4 in every 10 people live in homes that fail to reach reasonable standards of living.

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How to avoid a tumble dryer fire

Most of us don’t even consider the risk before using our tumble dryers; leaving them on overnight or whilst we nip to the shops.

When it comes to the appliances, there’s a few product recalls and the odd news story about a tumble dryer disaster. We know there’s a risk, but don’t think it will ever happen to us. The chances are it probably won’t, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and take these simple safety precautions to avoid any devastation happening in your home.

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Powerflushing your central heating system, what is it?

All central heating systems will need a powerflush at some point in their lifespan. It’s easy for large amounts of sludge, rust and debris to build up in your system’s pipes and radiators. If unattended to, these contaminants will slow down the efficiency of your system and stop heat from flowing evenly throughout your home, leaving some rooms colder than others. In these instances, powerflushing can be the only solution. It’s particularly recommended where you may be installing a new boiler replacement into an old, existing central heating system. If your system has never had a powerflush, depending on its age, the chances are it probably needs one.

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