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British homes invaded by skin-eating silverfish as wet winter sees influx

BRITISH homes have been invaded by skin-eating silverfish as the wet winter conditions have set in.

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Making your bed in the morning makes dust mites worse – and their poo triggers nasty allergic reactions

As the temperatures drop and we crank the heating in our homes it creates the perfect environment for the creepy crawlies to breed

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It’s time to get your chimney swept: Top tips on doing vital home maintenance

In winter, having the boiler serviced should be a priority

Put draught excluders in front of doorways, and buy foam strips to fill gaps

Make sure that chimneys are swept professionally each year

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With sub zero temperatures on the way, your boiler may be at risk from a breakdown…

When the Beast from the East hit earlier this year, over 80% of claims and call outs were created as a result of a frozen condensate pipe – but we have a simple inexpensive solution!

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