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Temperatures plunge as low as -6C

Britain woke up to temperatures of just -6C (21F) today as parts of the country faced hard frosts and freezing fog.

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Freezing 60mph gusts will sweep UK

The first heavy snowfall of winter will hit Britain this weekend – with up to eight inches set to cover some areas.

Snow could fall as far south as the Midlands on Saturday and Sunday – and other areas face a soaking with up to an inch of rain forecast further south and west in England and Wales, bringing the risk of localised flooding.
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Easy Ways to Save on Your Energy Bills

Winter has well and truly arrived here in the UK. After a glorious (and very long!) summer, we’re finally bearing the brunt of the drop in temperature which means our energy bills are sure to sky-rocket.

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Are YOU guilty of these 10 bad driving habits?

Whether it’s crossing your hands when turning or putting your arm on the headrest when parking.

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